The Oreninc Mining Deal Club (the “OMDC”), a brand of Soar Financial Canada Corp., is an online investor newsletter that connects investors with public companies, primarily in the junior mining space. The OMDC is not registered as a broker, dealer, exempt market dealer, or any other registrant in any securities regulatory jurisdiction domestically or abroad. The OMDC will not be performing any registerable activity as defined by the applicable regulatory bodies. The Oreninc Mining Deal Club does not receive any finder’s fees on investments made by our subscribers nor does it provide investment advice.



Please read the following information very carefully.

We have prepared this document to help you better understand what the Oreninc Mining Deal Club (the “OMDC”) is and what we intend to achieve. Our goal is to provide our subscribers, we call them members, with access to investment opportunities that we deem of interest.

The OMDC is an investment newsletter that provides its members access to investment ideas and opportunities that it deems of interest. By becoming a member, you are declaring that you are an accredited investor that is eligible to participate in private placements. For a definition of that term, please visit the following website: http://www.pcmacanada.com/?AccreditedInvestor

The focus of the OMDC is exclusively set on identifying opportunities in the junior mining space. Together with our industry leading experts, we screen every financing opportunity that comes across our desks. Our screening process is focused on the project geology, capital structure, management and other factors we consider relevant. We believe that we have surrounded ourselves with the best experts in the industry to stay ahead and beat the odds.

It is important that you understand that we do not provide investment advice to our members, but simply ideas and access to deal flow to individual investors worldwide. We are NOT brokers, dealers, exempt market dealers, or any other registrant in any securities regulatory jurisdiction domestically or abroad. We identify opportunities and present ideas based on the collective wealth of knowledge of our experts and leadership team. We cannot make any promises on possible investment success, but we do promise that we work hard to tip the scale in your and our favor.

Our goal is to provide our members with access to high-quality deal flow in the junior mining space. By taking advantage of discounts and warrants often offered by junior mining companies in conjunction with a private placement offering, investment success might be improved.

We strongly encourage investors to seek advice from an investment advisor or broker before contacting any issuer introduced by the OMDC regarding an investment opportunity. Your investment advisors, broker or wealth manager will be able to provide you with expert advice suitable to your investment needs.

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club does not provide you with individual investment advice or counseling. Neither are the publisher or our experts registered investment advisors. Any material provided by the OMDC shall not be deemed as personalized legal or investment counseling. We simply provide information and access. Specifically, we will not to tell our members how much should be invested in any opportunity or advise on your personal portfolio or finances. Issuers often tend to ask for a minimum subscription size that we will simply inform you about. There is no obligation to participate in any of the opportunities presented by the OMDC.

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club does not provide continuous coverage, updates or comments on any opportunities presented to its members after the closing of a financing opportunity.

In summary: The Oreninc Mining Deal Club aims to offer its members access to high-quality deal flow in the junior mining space, helping tip the scale to the investors favor.

 Our industry-leading experts

Our experts have been working in the mining industry for decades, have visited and consulted on hundreds of projects and are well respected for their knowledge and insights. The Oreninc Mining Deal Club together with its experts prides itself of having integrity and a thorough understanding of the junior mining industry. Our areas of expertise cover all aspects of junior mining from grass-roots exploration and geology to the final engineering.

Our experts and the leadership team of the Oreninc Mining Deal Club frequently travel to mining projects near and far, to inspect them, meet with on-the-ground geologists, management teams, CEOs and other industry leaders. Our experts are also well-respected speakers at industry leading conferences, like PDAC or AMEBC Roundup. Their expertise has led to numerous appearances on television (BNN and others), radio and in other major financial publications in North America.

Contacting the Oreninc Mining Deal Club

Our experts cannot answer members directly, but we are very much looking forward to receiving your feedback, comments and questions. If you have any specific questions regarding an opportunity introduced by the Oreninc Mining Deal Club, we encourage you to reach out directly to the issuer. Any other questions or comments that are not related to any issuer, can be send to contact@miningdealclub.com.

Subscriber Service Policy

Securities regulations forbid personalized investment advice and counselling. Therefore, please refrain from sending us any questions asking for such. Your investment advisor will certainly be the right address for any such questions. We cannot answer how much or how little you should invest. We will only reply to questions regarding our membership levels and questions regarding your account. Please feel free to send us an email to contact@miningdealclub.com or call +1 604 687 3540.

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club offers accredited investors access to financing opportunities in the junior mining space. Members are under no obligation to participate in any opportunity that is being presented. It is important for members to understand that we do not explicitly tell you to buy into any opportunity that we present. The OMDC does not make any buy recommendations. We merely present you with information and access to an allocation of a private placement opportunity. Whether you invest or not, is your decision. Before reaching out to a respective issuer and securing yourself a piece of a financing opportunity, we urge you to speak to an investment advisor that knows your personal financial situation.

The moment you sign up and become either a basic or VIP member, you will be granted access to our deal center that lists current and past opportunities. Further, you will be added to our exclusive deal alert mailing and text message list. Once an opportunity becomes available we will send you an alert and further information.

VIP members will also receive access to financing opportunities that we classify as “higher risk, higher reward” opportunities. These include opportunities to participate in pre-IPO offerings and shell investments. These opportunities are not for the faint-hearted investors. We want to advise our members that a total loss of your invested capital in these opportunities is possible or that an IPO might be cancelled for reasons we cannot foresee at the time we present an opportunity.

OMDC membership

Members will have to subscribe with a valid credit card. You will be billed the respective membership fee at the time of subscription. All our memberships are for 12-months and renew automatically if not cancelled prior to the renewal date. We will bill your credit card the same rate as when you signed up. The auto-renewal feature does not obligate you in any way and you may opt-out at any time. You may cancel your membership for a 100% refund prior to receiving information about an opportunity for the very first time. The so-called “trial period” may be shorter or longer depending on the date of your subscription and the date of the first deal coming available following your sign-up date.

 OMDC Investment Process

1)  The OMDC and its experts scan hundreds of opportunities every year. We will also put our extensive industry network to secure allocations of placements to good use for our members.

2) Once a deal passes our initial hurdles, we take a closer look at all aspects of a deal, including the geology, engineering, management, capital structure and much more.

3) If we deem a financing opportunity worthy to be presented to our club members, we prepare an information fact sheet. Just a fact sheet, not a research report will be prepared by our in-house team. We DO NOT provide price targets or make buy recommendations. We only offer facts. And despite Oreninc.com listing thousands of deals per year, only a very small number will be presented to our club members. You might not hear from us for a several weeks.

4) Once you receive an email or text message alert from us, get going with your own due diligence. Talk to your investment advisor, if necessary. Please keep in mind that time is of the essence. Depending on the size of an allocation we are offered by an issuer, our allocation might be filled quickly. With the intention of giving everybody that is interested an opportunity to participate, we are limit the maximum number of our club members – Basic to 150 and VIP to 75.

5) Once you made your decision, you directly reach out to the issuer. You can typically do so via email or phone. We will provide you with the necessary contact details. The issuer will then provide you with the necessary term sheet and subscription documents. Again, you must be an accredited investor to be eligible for participation in private placements. Everybody else will be turned away.

6) After filling out the paper work, if necessary ask your broker or investment advisor to assist you, send the documents back to the issuer.

7) Simultaneously, transfer your funds to the account indicated by the issuer. The Oreninc Mining Deal Club will never touch or see your money. It goes from you straight to the issuer.

8) Once the private placement closes - either in full or in tranches - you will receive your share certificate in the mail. It will be send to the address indicated in the subscription agreement. This can be your home address or the address of your broker.

9) Unless otherwise indicated on the term sheet or in the subscription agreement, a statutory four months hold-period applies to every private placement. An exception applies to prospectus offerings. In this instance, shares are typically free trading from the day of issuance.

Our refund policy

While we have the strongest intention to always provide you with the highest quality of information, we will gladly assist you if you are not 100% satisfied. We can offer you a 100% money back guarantee prior to you receiving information about the first financing opportunity. Upon expiration of the so-called “trial period”, please contact us via email or phone to cancel the auto-renewal option any time prior to the renewal date. Your membership will then expire at the end of its term and you will be removed from our email and text message alert lists. Please understand that we cannot refund your membership fee once you have received information about and access to your first financing opportunity.

We also reserve the right to cancel your membership without warning or compensation if we are alerted by an issuer that you are not an accredited investor.

The provided information is solely for our paying members. Shall we receive word that a member has forwarded deal information without our explicit written consent, we reserve the right to cancel the respective membership without compensation and might pursue legal claims.

From time to time, issuers might want to confirm with us whether participants in our allocation are truly members.

You can contact us via email at contact@miningdealclub.com or via phone at +1 604 687 3520 ext 227. You can reach us over the phone Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm PST.